About LS-Mentors

Life Science Mentors (LS-Mentors) is a network of volunteers-based life science industry experts. The network is provided by Finnish Bioindustries. LS-Mentors was established to support the Finnish life science sector by helping companies reach their commercial and technological milestones. The platform matches individuals, start-ups and SMEs together with relevant skilled professionals in business related matters within pharma, healthtech, biotech industries and more. Our aim is to facilitate access to flexible, experienced and free of charge mentoring. 

  • Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Join now and take part in some of the most exciting and innovative life science opportunities in Finland.
  • Do you have an idea or business within Life Sciences? Join the network and find a suitable mentor to guide and advise you along your path to commercial success.

How it works

LS-Mentors facilitates matches between mentorees and mentors. By filing in the online form and selecting the appropriate criteria, advisors of LS-Mentors will identify possible mentor-mentoree matches. Identified mentors and mentorees will then be contacted and if both parties are happy to proceed, the contact will be initiated. It is then up to the parties to discuss and agree upon the mentoring terms.

Information provided to the LS-Mentors network is not made available to the public. All information and matches are taken care of internally within the network and the classified data is only visible to the LS-Mentors member organizations. LS-Mentors administration does not take any responsibility of the actual mentoring.

Why become a mentor?

  • Take part in exciting innovative ideas and businesses
  • Help people and businesses reach their goals
  • Get more involved and give something back to the Finnish society
  • Meet with other mentors at LS-Mentors events and extend your networks

Why become a mentoree?

  • Receive valuable advice on your business
  • Get access to new contacts and networks
  • Avoid mistakes and get key insight in your field of business
  • Help grow your business to the next level

Mentorship and Responsibilities

LS-Mentors only acts as a facilitator in the match making process. The terms of the mentorship and any needed agreements (e.g. CDA) need to be discussed and agreed between mentoree and mentor. For guidelines on agreements please see link X.

Legal disclaimers

LS-Mentors cannot be held liable for misrepresentations, negligence, breaches of contract, misconduct, or any claims made by or against the mentors in their individual or corporate capacity. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or injury to you or your property as a result of using this site or any mentoring information or services obtained through the LS-Mentors platform.

LS-Mentors recommend that you personally assess the professionalism, credentials and references of any mentor and agree contractual terms before entering any mentoring program. You should also satisfy yourself that the mentor possesses the experience necessary to deliver against your requirements.

Data protection

By registering as a mentor or mentoree, you consent to the disclosure of any information you supply to the LS-Mentors. LS-Mentors may send you communications to tell you about new features, solicit your feedback, or keep you up to date with any events and updates with the network. You may opt out of such communications by using the embedded unsubscribe link.

LS-Mentors takes all measures reasonably necessary to protect against the unauthorized access, use, alteration or destruction of personally identifying information obtained through the online portal.

1. Access to own data

Mentors and mentorees will have the right to access their own data and upon request get information about how their personal data is being processed.

2. How to withdraw

Mentors and mentorees can choose to withdraw their data from LS-Mentors at any point in time by asking LS-Mentors administration at [email protected] for their data to be withdrawn from the system.

3. Right to erasure

The mentors and mentorees have the right to request erasure of personal data related to them on any one of a number of grounds including non-compliance with article 6.1 (lawfulness) that includes a case (f) where the legitimate interests of the controller is overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data

4. Transfer of information

The information provided to LS-Mentors will not be transferred to third parties. Data provided to LS-Mentors will only be viewed by the LS-Mentors administration for the purpose of identifying and initiating mentor-mentoree matches.

5. Data storage

The data provided by mentors and mentorees will be stored by LS-Mentors as long as it is requested to be removed by the data subject.

6. Registry description according to General Data Protection Regulation in EU

Download LS-Mentors' registry description in Word (.doc).

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